Lose Weight.  Gain Energy.  Reset Your Life.


Get the 28 Day Eating Plan, Shopping Lists & Bonus Videos to Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Reset Your Life for just £37
Make this the year to finally change the way you eat, feel and think about food.  
I lost 7.5 pounds without even trying!
A very big thank you to Anna Anderson. I participated in the Reset and through the coaching and the amazing recipes and food plans that she has put together, I have not only been introduced to delicious plant-based and dairy free food, I have also lost 7.5lbs in weight without even trying! This means that my clothes feel more comfortable, I am much more confident in my own skin, I have much more energy and focus and I am no longer craving sweets, cakes, biscuits and sugary drinks. 
With Anna's guidance I have become much more aware of what goes into processed foods, preservatives, added sugars, etc. and how they can have a long-term impact on our bodies. So my mindset and attitude to food has completely changed in just 4 weeks. 
I have also met some amazing women on the same journey and it's been great that we have been able to share our experiences together. 
So Anna, thank you again for showing me a better, much more enjoyable way of nourishing my body for the long term. Love Sue xxx
I lost Half a Stone, No Cravings!
I signed up to Anna's Reset and am thrilled I did. Over half a stone down now and so much energy, no cravings, and easy-to-follow recipes with very tasty food. Chuffed to bits with the results, people keep asking what I'm doing 'cos I'm bouncing according to a friend :). I'll be staying whole food plant-based way if eating, and with Anna's vast knowledge and great support, I know I've got this! Sharing in the group and the weekly group coaching was a huge part of why I feel it was such a success for me.
DIET - Binge - Guilt - Shame
If you feel STUCK, totally TRAPPED in a body you hate, and you wake up every day DREADING putting on your clothes...

If you have tried EVERY fad diet, every shake, ALL of the latest advice, only to go back into the same misery cycle of Diet - Binge - Guilt - Shame...

I want you to hear this very important message:


The problem is, you're being fed rubbish (literally) by the health and diet industries.

They have ZERO interest in you losing weight permanently.

They have ZERO interest in you feeling good for life.

Instead, you're fed a steady marketing stream of "celebrity" diets, exercise trends and fad wellness ideas.

I, for one, am sick of it.

I'm sick of it for you.

I want you to look and feel your best PERMANENTLY. For good.

Because you're beautiful. You're special. You're amazing. You deserve it.

And it's actually VERY EASY to LOSE WEIGHT QUICKLY when you understand WHY you're stuck where you are right now.
So, as a leading Women's Empowerment & Wellness Coach, I am issuing 40+ women of the world a challenge.
Let's RESET our health FOR GOOD.
Let's put down the rubbish. 
Let's nourish ourselves with an abundance of delicious food. 
Let's learn to eat again. 
Let's move without marathons. 
Let's sleep deliciously. 
Let's learn to love our bodies.
Let's start a revolution.

It starts with you, me, and our tribe of incredible women from all around the world.

You'll lose weight. You'll feel incredible. You'll reset your life.

I want you to feel the freedom of never feeling ashamed again. I want you to put your clothes on and walk confidently out the door knowing you're living your best life. I want you to spend your mental energy on love, friendships and joy - never having a negative body image thought again.

I want liberate you forever from dieting, restrictions, self-loathing and guilt.

It's time for you to laugh. Swim. Kiss. Live.

It starts now. It starts with one small step.
In the short space of just 28 days, you CAN lose, on average, between 10-14 pounds on this plan. You CAN reset your thinking. You CAN feel amazing again.  

And imagine what this next decade could be like if you felt that freedom, that peace, and that confidence?

This is why I created the Nourish & Nurture Weight Loss Challenge with your complete meal plans and shopping lists - it all starts here.
Get the 28 Day Eating Plan, Shopping Lists & Bonus Videos to Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Reset Your Life for just £37
Lose Weight.  Gain Energy.  Reset Your Life.
I've lost a stone & I have never felt hungry!
I thought I would share with you a few of my ramblings and musings about The Reset. I finally plucked up the courage to participate. Why courage? Because I was afraid to try something and fail. Because I didn't want another unsustainable damn diet and because I didn't want to turn into a weirdo hipster vegan :D

I fully expected to be given a list of things I couldn't eat and be gently "told off" for my lousy diet and my weight. As you know that didn't happen and clever old Anna suggested ways I could ADD things to my diet that would make me feel better. She also suggested that I google some smoothie recipes. Lots of them contained broccoli so I quickly text Anna to let her know that broccoli for breakfast was wrong on every level! (there is a point to this, honest) At this point I was overweight, I was 10st 4 and then some, (I stopped looking after I hit that). I'm only 5ft 1 so that was quite chunky. 

Well I liked the added veg and occasional bit of chickpeas but I really didn't know what to actually cook. I've been cooking the same meals with meat for over 30 years and I just didn't know where to start. My husband has health issues and needs a healthier diet and I was struggling to know what to feed him. 

Anyway cut a long ramble shorter I signed up for the Reset. A meal plan and easy to follow recipes for every day. I need easy cos frankly I'm no Delia! Week one arrived and Annas signature breakfast smoothie is bright green with spinach and broccoli! Thank God it tasted better than it looked! :D

Plant based, I have had to learn how to cook strange beans, quinoa and lentils. I have wandered helplessly round Tesco looking for flaxseed and pak choi. Not to be indelicate I farted constantly for the first week to the point my husband started calling me Pumba! :D

Here's the good bits: 
Since May I have lost over a stone!
I have not felt hungry
I have not been on a diet
I feel comfortable in my skin and even wore a swimsuit to the beach
I have not felt I was denying myself anything
I have not turned into a hipster!

Anna's suggested meals are all plant based but she emphasised personal choice. I missed cheese, so I had some. Just a little bit, not the slab I used to have. Anna gives compelling reasons why eggs aren't really good for us, but I like eggs so I have some once a week. Thanks to Annas loving encouragement I have not felt guilty about tailoring this to suit my needs and my circumstances. Anyway soz for the long ramble, well done if you read this far! If anyone is on the fence about this, do this with Anna!

I lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks!
Thank you Anna, for the different body & mindset I've got. I feel tremendous, one coffee instead of 7, less time in kitchen. Doing gym Pilates, kettle bells, zumba& aqua because of increased energy levels, as a big bonus I've lost 9lbs in 3 weeks. Iam certainly going to carry on with the knowledge you have given me. I can't thank you enough xx
Lost Half a Stone, No Cravings!
I signed up to Anna's Reset and am thrilled I did. Over half a stone down now and so much energy, no cravings, and easy to follow recipes with very tasty food. Chuffed to bits with the results, people keep asking what I'm doing 'cos I'm bouncing according to a friend :). I'll be staying whole food plant based way if eating, and with Anna's vast knowledge and great support know I've got this! Sharing in the group and the weekly group coaching was a huge part of why I feel it was such a success for me.
I've Lost 8 Pounds & I Feel So Healthy
Would like to say a massive Thankyou to Anna! So pleased to have nearly completed the Challenge ❤️ I’m thrilled to be 8lb down - I’ve learned so much here’s just a few things
• When we keep our blood sugar stable, nourish our bodies, feel full and satisfied we rarely crave food.
• When we do crave food (and we know we’ve eaten good nutritionally balanced meals) I’ve learned there’s usually some other emotion that needs attention
• When we love ourselves, value who we are, appreciate our amazing qualities- we don’t want to put rubbish into our bodies 
• Eating plant based whole foods is not boring but delicious with endless choices and combinations
•I’ve learned that having a choice rather than being deprived is hugely empowering
I’ve done a lot of reading and what I know now I can’t unknow! 😊 I know that I want to be the best healthiest version of me! So Thankyou Anna this has been massively rewarding and I’ll be carrying on my journey xxx

This is the Easiest Way I have Lost Weight Ever
Hello ladies. Apologies for the essay, but I want to encourage those of you who may be stuck in that same rut I was. 
I’m coming to the end of the Challenge & wanted to share my experience. I’m mid 50s and have been over weight for a number of years. I’ve always been a curvy pear shape but had packed on the weight in recent years. I’m fit & active but was really feeling the extra weight on my hips & knees. I’m menopausal & found that I just couldn’t shift the weight anymore by ‘cutting down’. 
So far I have lost just over 10lbs. This is the easiest way I have lost weight -ever. 
I would like to loose at least another 10lbs but will be continuing on this plant based/healthy eating diet regardless. I haven’t had any sugar cravings, nor have I felt hungry. I have loads more energy & my joints are less sore. Plus amazingly, those pesky menopausal symptoms have vanished. 
Life is too short! Seize the day & the tin of chickpeas (and give Anna a call!) 
Thank you Anna 😘 and all the other ladies in the group for your support xxx
I’m Anna Anderson...
Seeing women unlock the door to living a life full of joy, confidence and health is a truly humbling experience and I am deeply honoured to share this journey with many women.

I’ve been through periods in my life where I’ve neglected my own health, I have sabotaged myself with food, struggled with limiting beliefs and negative patterns of behaviour. I went away and learned how to live a life full of deep joy, love and acceptance, how to really take care of my health and wellbeing and having transformed my life I am now honoured to guide women on a journey back to their true self.

I am a certified life and personal development coach and specialise in nutrition and wellbeing practices for women. I am a mum and wife and I very much understand the pressures on women in today's society. All too often, I see women put themselves at the bottom of their priority list, their values become taking care of others and time for themselves goes out the window.

The truth is, you cannot give from an empty cup. Modern body image pressures and mis-information around food have left many of us feeling dis-connected from our true feminine self, stuck in a cycle of dieting and really not understanding how to take great care emotionally and physically. ​
I help guide women back to themselves using a range of techniques in a gentle, kind and loving way. I am trained in nutrition, but the guidance I provide for women is more about health and life coaching. I don’t just tell you what you should eat. I aim to help women address mindset and beliefs that we are all so susceptible to, especially when exposed to mainstream media every day.

When we change our relationship we have with ourselves, our relationship with food changes and it is possible to break free from previous dieting cycles and live a life full of joy, peace, confidence and self-love.

Join me and our tribe from all over the world on the Nurture & Nourish Weight Loss Challenge - so we can stop the cycle for good, and start 2020 in the most beautiful way.  As you.  The real you.
Get the 28 Day Eating Plan, Shopping Lists & Bonus Videos to Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Reset Your Life for just £37
Lose Weight.  Gain Energy.  Reset Your Life.
THE ANSWER to looking and feeling incredible is not another diet. 

NO TO...

🚫 Negative Self Talk & Limiting Beliefs
🚫 Good Food vs Bad Food
🚫 Regularly Weighing Yourself
🚫 Low Energy
🚫 Focusing on Body Image
🚫 Restriction
🚫 Misery
🚫 Worry & Stress About Other's Opinions
🚫 Not Knowing What to Wear
🚫 Not Fitting Into Your Clothes
🚫 Hunger
🚫 Guilt
🚫 Bingeing & Sabotaging


✅ Confidence, Purpose & Passion
✅ Eating for Joy
✅ Trusting Your Instincts & How You Feel
✅ High Energy
✅ Focusing on Health
✅ Freedom
✅ Joy
✅ Not Caring About Other's Opinions
✅ Fitting Into Your Clothes
✅ Being Excited to Dress Each Day
✅ Feeling Full
✅ Having Peace
✅ Eating When You Need to...

And with that community’s love and wisdom (and some sage advice and plans) you’ll finally achieve the transformation you’ve been dreaming of.


Set a clear goal and make a plan to actually achieve it.
Let go of restrictions and instead have a nourishing, pleasurable plan you can implement immediately.
Eat enough food so you never feel hungry and never even imagine binging.
Stop counting calories, kilojoules, and any other non-effective, militant regime.
Discover the underlying reasons why you’re struggling with your weight and finally LET. THEM. GO.
Provide you with a loving, fun support structure to cheer you all the way to your best life ever.
Get the 28 Day Eating Plan, Shopping Lists & Bonus Videos to Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Reset Your Life for just £37
Lose Weight.  Gain Energy.  Reset Your Life.
want to know more?  
here's what i'm including to get you started


Staying healthy can be just another thing to do on the busy list. Thinking of what to cook, planning ahead and doing the shopping and then of course cooking for everyone too. 
Following a food plan really helps overcome the stress of thinking about what to cook it also teaches you the right things to eat at the same time.
The Challenge will provide you with 28 days of recipes to follow for each week - all nutritionally balanced and all providing you with a new understanding of the food your body really needs.

This super helpful Shopping List means you can simply print out what you need and take it to the grocery store with you to shop perfectly for your needs for the week.  No fuss, easy to use and beautifully presented to make shopping a breeze!
Global Women’s Empowerment Coach, Anna Anderson will keep you on track every step of the way to meet your goals.
Introduction to the easy to use method and how to eat for health AND weight loss
Why diets don’t work and what to do instead.  The real truth!
WHY weight management is a symptom & what you REALLY need to work on.
Planning ahead for continuing change. Nurturing you for the rest of your life!
Get the 28 Day Eating Plan, Shopping Lists & Bonus Videos to Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Reset Your Life for just £37
Lose Weight.  Gain Energy.  Reset Your Life.
The Cravings are GONE!
I’ve only just realised I’ve mostly stopped craving sweet things and a lot of unhealthy things! I don’t frantically binge anymore. I think it’s mainly because my blood sugar is far more stable and my body is getting what it needs plus I’m recognising when I do want something like chocolate or alcohol it’s to plug an emotional gap! I’m so pleased with myself and thankful for you Anna and all the ladies in this group 😁 I’d still like to drink less or even no alcohol! The journey continues
I've Made Myself a Priority Thanks to Anna
Hi Anna, You guided me nutritionally. You encouraged me to make time for me, including taking time to meditate, access the calm app, go to bed earlier, say no when I need to. To Make self care a priority . You helped me to dig really deep , and question myself on why I felt that I am not a good person and worthy of happiness and compliments! You inspired me and I loved our Friday chats which always left me buzzing with positivity. The support to write down my goals, make a plan and weekly chats to keep me focussed on it helped me succeed.
I Have Re-Claimed ME
So for me, it was like having the best friend I needed at that time who had answers that my own best friend couldn't provide (I could speak to her but she didn't understand why I was feeling like I was). I am not sure if you remember but when I called you it was a choice between speaking to you or contacting a Counsellor (mental health). I wasn't happy, I was overweight and I didn't feel worthy of anything which was why I was in the "relationship" I was. So you were my satellite navigation person. You guided me through my own thought processes and I ended up at the right destination - loving me. You always believed that in me, you told me I was amazing and awesome and even though I saw myself totally differently to the way anyone else saw me, including you at the beginning you have guided me and gradually I have started to reclaim me with your help but through my own heart. I have a better relationship with my family, especially mum (because of you). But more importantly I have a better relationship with ME! I also loved our chats on a Friday evening, you gave me purpose and I was always so full of positivity and purpose after we spoke, I miss our chats still. You didn't tell me what to do but you did guide me to my own answers. You did teach me to believe in myself, to eat properly (via the food plans, which I still use - love the recipes and being plant based), to love myself and to be kind to others. I even loved doing my homework (my school-teachers would have been amazed 🤣). One of the best things you said to me was that I was a work in progress and that there was no quick fix. Now I understand that I know that I won't fail because there is no failure only straying off the path and using what you taught me to find my way back on it (like a sat nav). I found you motivational, kind, gentle inspirational and a really good friend. I look forward to meeting you in person one day. I wish you all the love in the world and I cannot really see how you hope to improve but I guess there is room in all of us x

My Cholesterol Results are Amazing!
Breaking news...

For the first time in 5 years the scales say 10 stone something!!!

Ive just had my cholesterol results back from 6.2 to under 4 

whoop whoop

Get the 28 Day Eating Plan, Shopping Lists & Bonus Videos to Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Reset Your Life for just £37
Lose Weight.  Gain Energy.  Reset Your Life.
I understand that you might feel apprehensive about investing in a new health product, especially if you’ve been let down in the past. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that is not going to deliver on what is promised.
I’m extremely proud of all the products I create, I know they are transformational and the strategies are of huge value to anyone that implements them.
That’s why I’m offering a 7 Day Full Money-Back Guarantee to anyone who invests in my plans. Whilst I can’t guarantee that you will lose weight, I can guarantee the quality of my work and the motivation it will provide to achieve the results you’re looking for.
If for any reason you’re not fully satisfied with the product within the first 30 days, you can, of course, receive a refund.
How much cooking will I need to do?
The plans have been put together with a busy woman in mind and the recipes are around 30 minutes, that said, I believe health happens in the kitchen and you will have cooking to do at home with very easy to follow recipes. 
Will the menus be things I can feed my family too?
Absolutely - the menus have been put together for a lady who juggles a lot of things, the plans have therefore been designed to enable you to adapt them to your family so you are not cooking different meals for everyone. 
Will I be hungry?
NO. This is about balancing your blood sugar and healing your body so that your body can relax and let go of weight it no longer needs. 
Is the food nice?
YES! I believe food should be delicious, nutritious and quick to cook - it ticks all those boxes. 
Can I drink alcohol?
I really recommend taking a break and letting your body get some lovely healing whilst you eat these nurturing foods. The closer you stick to the plan the more you will get out of it but again, this is about you making it work in your life so make decisions that work for you and do your very best. 
Will the food be really expensive?
No. My clients find they save money by following this plan and also love that they are not wasting food either.
What if I am vegan/ vegetarian?
Don’t worry - you are 100% catered for, no problem at all. 
How will I manage if I am working during the day?
The plans have been designed so that you bulk cook and take the extras into work with you so we have that covered!
What if I have an allergy?
Most allergens are already removed from the plans and you will be able to adapt the menus to work around things you can’t eat, however, if there is something you are specifically worried about please do get in touch.
What happens after I have finished the plan?
This challenge is designed to help you make life-long change, it is not about fads or short-term diets. The teachings you will receive along side the plans will help you learn healthy ways of eating that will stay with you forever.
What if I already have a planned event I can’t change?
You can work around it. You will get the most benefit from following the plan completely but I totally understand life happens and it is there to be lived. This is not about you feeling restricted or limited - this is about you feeling healthy and fabulous and being able to enjoy life too - stick to the plans as much as you can and go out and enjoy yourself on those events you have scheduled too. 
Get the 28 Day Eating Plan, Shopping Lists & Bonus Videos to Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Reset Your Life for just £37
Lose Weight.  Gain Energy.  Reset Your Life.

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